What are these colored lines on my screen? Could I fix it myself?

Hi all, I recently got a broken macbook pro from my cousin for around 100$. I opened it and saw lines going all up in down the screen. I assume it’s cracked or something. I want to use this on the go and not stationary with a big monitor. This is the picture I took for reference. What’s my diagnosis?

Block Image

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While we can tell you have a 13” TouchBar system there are a few different versions. Can you tell us the exact model.

To help you and get a bit more diagnostic data. Let’s give this a try! Using an external keyboard, mouse and display are you able to start the system up with the lid down (Clamshell Mode) you should see your desktop ad it’s icons on the external display. If you can you should be able to go to About This Mac and from the info pane take note of your systems year and model info to tell us.


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The damage seems consistent with internal damage to the display.

This does seem to be user-repairable with enough patience and skill. We would need to know your specific model to provide the best instructions as to how you can go about replacing it.

As Dan said, I would also recommend connecting it to an external monitor to ensure that the damage is localized to only the screen and to find the model number before you purchase a replacement.


@david56209 there is no need to test it with external screen. you can clearly see 5+1 bars which represent 5 signal decoders on LCD working out of sync and 1 failed.

all tbt macbook pro / macbook air screens 2016-2020 are basically same device the only differences are firmware revision / slight TCON change on M1 Display and a bit bigger hole for ambient light sensor since 2018.

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@inwerp I am not too familiar with the functioning of LCD signal decoders, but it is always nice to learn something new.

I would still be careful and ensure that everything else works before purchasing a replacement since this Macbook clearly suffered an impact, regardless of how unnecessary it may seem.

It also wouldn't hurt to know what model it is to find the most compatible guide/replacement part, even if it isn't explicitly necessary.

Better to err on the side of caution when working with expensive devices.

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