Cycloneshock trigger and drum magazine failure.

I'm having a problem with my Cycloneshock. Once I cock the gun, for some reason, the bullet that would have been fired if I pulled the trigger, shoots out at a way slower speed if I'd actually pulled the trigger. Then if I put the bullet back, and pull the trigger, it doesen't fire. If I try to rotate the drum magazine, it makes a weird noises after cocking. But only once, then I need to cock it again for it to go back to making the weird noise.

Plus, I can cock the gun infinitely. It doesen't prevent me from doing so.

My Cycloneshock is the grey trigger one.

(There is a orange and a grey trigger Cycloneshock. I think it changes color between revisions or regions.)

Does anyone know a way to fix it? The drum magazine is oily by the way, it's like that from the factory (Like it should be.).

Block Image

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