2DS XL freezing when rotating hinge

For some reason. My 2DS XL just give up everytime I rotate the hinge too quickly. This makes putting it in sleep mode really difficult and I have to close it which is time consuming.

The issue seems to work only on 3ds mode since when I tested with a ds game, It was fine! No problems, no freezing, it was fine.

What are the steps to take to fix it?

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Have you checked ribbon cable leading to the top display? I had a 3DS that did the same thing, and I found that the cable was slightly torn. I don't know why this only happens with a 3DS game, but it could be because it requires more graphics.


@jadonlyon well, I don’t really have tools to confirm this…


@incyadaucho - I understand. Unfortunately there is not easy solution to test this without actually opening the system. I would recommend trying these things:

-Try multiple game cards. If only the 3DS games are messing up the system, try multiple different game cards to see if only one messes up, or all of them do.

-Calibrate the Circle Pad and the Touch Screen. (Shut down the system, and start it back up while pressing L+R+X. Calibrate the touch screen. Then hold L+R+Y to calibrate the circle pad.)

-See if the system freezes on the home screen, or while using a pre-downloaded app (such as Mii Maker, Download Play, etc.)

-Disable the wireless + NFC feature (from the Home Menu settings)

-And worst case, try resetting the system, if all else fails.

Hopefully this will give you a start on where to go.


@jadonlyon well I just formatted my 2ds and the issue is gone! But now I can’t access my data due to the encryption key.


@incyadaucho - What type of encryption key?