It was a crank no start and turned into a no crank,start

So I have something obviously wrong with my wiring on my 2002 Chevy Cavalier LS 2.2 L and two-door automatic and was a crank no start and I wasn't getting the voltage I needed to the fuel pump I thought I had a bad ECU I replaced that nothing changed with the fuel pump I was still getting 9 volts to the fuel pump so I tried jumping the fuel pump and I accidentally reversed polarity and now that the wires quick rip them out but ever since then I can't crank the car even with even with brand new relays and if I jump in 87 and 30 in the crank relay it starts I replaced all the fuses and relays and same as you I even took the ignition switch out and make sure it was in good shape all the wiring back to that area the pink wire that runs back to the dash from the wiring harness under the hood and the fuse box is all good and I cannot find either a short to ground or I don't know cuz I'm not good with electronics I noticed that my 10 amp crank fuse under the hood was out but it was not broken or blown it just wasn't showing any voltage the same thing for like the two top rows of fuses inside the vehicle when you open the door and open the panel this uses aren't showing voltage either so I have to figure out on that rail what's going on and I was wondering if anybody could assist me with that in advance thank you for any responses it's been rough.....Jesse

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