Screen glichting, Touch Bar artiact on initial boot

I just bought a 2018 13" MBP with its screen flickering and some lines of piles would randomly be black (5 lines maximum).

I disassembled it and cleaned it. I noticed nothing extraordinary, the screen was previously taken off and the heatsink was surprisingly clean.

the screen has a quite bad dent in the lower right corner but it the screen itself isn't broken.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

When I put it back together it booted showing this and it displayed a white irregularly formed spot (~2mm^2).

I am 80% sure that this not a hardware issue.

Also in recovery mode only the menu bar works and while booting normally ~5cm works.

Block Image

I am not really sure what this could be but right now my best guess is to remove the screen so I can use recovery mode via an external display

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I just Internet recovered it with a 2017 flex gated display I had laying around and got error 2100F.[image|3128224]