Why does my MacBook Pro keep shutting off once it gets to apple logo?

When I turn on my MacBook Pro it shuts off once the Apple logo appears, fans are on and revving high, when I go to internet recovery the bar loads all the way and then once the logo appears my MacBook shuts off.

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Can you try running Apple Diagnostics, boot the system holding down D (or Option-D for internet Apple Diagnostics). This can hopefully give an error code or show a faulty component. If it still shuts down at the Apple logo this could mean that a core component is failing, such as RAM, motherboard, or CPU.


@drukit I did what you told me and I have three error codes,

1. “The batter was not detected” code: PPT001

2. “There may be an issue with the system management controller (SMC) code: PFM001

3. “There may be an issue with the camera” code: NDC001

Idk why the camera would matter but I swapped batteries twice and it’s giving me this code? What about that SMC thing?


@xposedwires This sounds like you could have a failing motherboard. It is possible that when replacing the battery the connector was not seated fully which can cause arcing between the battery pins and the sense pins. This can cause damage to various components on the board, including but not limited to the SMC. The primary way to fix this is to replace the motherboard.