MacBook Display and Keyboard lights suddenly stopped working

Hi there,

The display of the MacBook in question suddenly stopped working. Half an hour before, the MacBook was used with no problems but when it was opened again, the display no longer showed anything. The keyboard light also stopped working.

However, the MacBook itself continued to work software-wise, you could connect a 2nd display and use it without any problems (except the display itself).

Error is also present with active power supply, after PRAM and SMC reset and in single user mode. Accordingly, I assumed a hardware problem at this point.

However, after taking a look into the MacBook, no visible damage could be found.

When turned on, there is also no screen backlight, it stays completely black (and FYI: the battery of the MacBook is very weak).

My question is: Could the Tcon board be defective or could it be the power supply/connection from the LogicBoard to the Tcon board/display, since I got no backlight or any slightly visible changes on the display when turning the macbook on?

And could the keyboard light, which isn't working, also be related to this problem?

Or could another component be the cause?

Otherwise I would have bought a new display and hoped that this would fix the problem, but before I wanted to be sure, that there is no obvious point, which could possibly caused this and I'm not aware of.

Thank you very much in advance.

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