I got it apart, now how do you re-assemble? RESOLVED

My 50-year-old crock pot stopped working. I was able to disassemble it and clean the contacts inside the switches. Everything tests well on my multimeter. Trying to put it back together is another issue. It appears as if the threaded rod that holds it together was much longer at the factory. After assembly they apparently cut that rod. I can't figure out a way to stop it from falling down inside whenever I try to get a nut on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Update (10/14/23)

On closer inspection I found that the threaded rod was installed long then cut short after the bottom panel was placed. I bought a 2 inch thumb screw at my local hardware store. I drilled through it to slip the clamp rod through it. Then I tightened the nut and cut the screw just above it.

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