CPU fan spins and stops then revs up on OS boot

Recently upgraded my pc to an i7 CPU which I double checked the motherboard and bios were compatible with, but after installation the CPU fan will stop and start a few times then rev up and slow down to normal when OS boots, not sure if it’s an issue or what’s causing it

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Hi @pcbat,

What is the make and model number of the motherboard?

Was it a new fan or existing?

If existing is it compatible with the CPU requirements?



It's an Asus Prime H310M-R R2.0

It was a new Intel stock fan that came with the CPU when it arrived, and the cpu and fan should all be compatable with the CPU and BIOS, and the BIOS recognises the new cpu

The power supply is a 550 watt also and from BIOS it looks to be giving the right voltages



Does it behave normally once the OS is loaded and in use?

Were there any other changes made besides the CPU and fan?

You didn't specify which i7 CPU but the specs show only support up to 9th Gen i7 CPUs.


@jayeff It behaves fine once the OS or ASUS boots up if its from a cold boot, and temps remain fine around 35-60 during rest and heavy load

nothing was changed aside from the cpu and fan, and the i7 is an 8th gen which the board supports



Unfortunately the motherboard user manual doesn't show all the BIOS settings, so I can't advise exactly, but to me it sounds like the BIOS thinks that the fan is not working or not working correctly so it stops it and then restarts it and ramps up the speed to make sure that it is.

Get into BIOS and check what the adjustable CPU fan speed setting is in BIOS (if there is one )and check if the speed shown by the fan is near the "minimum" speed setting available.

You may have to play with the settings to see if this changes anything.

Just what I'd try.