Kenwood Mixer KM260 - old but never been used but not working

My sister gave my daughter a Kenwood mixer KM260 old but never used.
Changed the fuse (more than once in case) but getting nothing from it.
All appliances, liquidiser etc, fixed tightly in.
What part of it could possibly have seized up and would still be repairable?

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Never used and inoperative suggests an unusual problem that may be as simple as a broken wire connection , faulty switch or internal blown thermal fuse (replaceable). Disassembly is required and basic electrical knowledge to use a multimeter to check wiring connections and switches for continuity can help determine where power is lost without plugging this appliance into a wall outlet. If this is outside your abilities, find a local appliance repair shop for assistance and estimate of repair costs. There may be youtube videos to review for diy repairs.


I'm also thinking it had to be something quite simple. Tried getting a look at it but need a different type of screwdriver as none of mine fit.

Needs to be extra long.

We have a 'Men's Shed' near me and hopefully someone on there may have some knowledge