Why does the blue light flash once and the DSI XL does not turn on?

I replaced only the digitizer, not the screen, for the bottom screen. After I reassembled it, the device will no longer power on.

When I press the power button button, the blue lights flashes once, but nothing else happens.

The screens stay dark - they do not flash on or appear to get any power.

I have tried re-seating all the cables multiple times.

I also tried adding a bit of electrical tape between the cable that attaches to the bottom of the board and the cable that I believe goes to the top screen. (Based on a comment in another post on this forum.)

When I plug in the device, the orange light comes on and is solidly lit with no flashing.

If anyone has any insight into what might be happening or has any suggestions for what I can try next, I would really appreciate the help.

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I have never fixed a DSi, but I have worked on 3DS systems. This may not actually apply to your system, but in case it does:

How long does the blue light stay on for? Does it turn on and back off in like 1/10th of a second or is it on for about 2 seconds? Is there a "pop" sound when the blue light goes out?


@erelectronics The light is only on for like 1/2 a second. I don't know if it's as short as 1/10th second, but it's very brief. It just blips on and off. It does not stay on for as long as 2 seconds. There is not a pop sound or any sound.


@mirandaben39775 If it is the same as a 3DS (again... I don't know if it is or not), then it is a critical failure in a main data line. Likely you accidentally broke off something small like a SMD resistor or capacitor (or even if not broke off completely, tapped it a little too hard and cracked the solder). This is a failure of a main data line and would need microsoldering motherboard repair under a microscope or replacing the motherboard.

But I can't say for sure. The DSi may handle these things differently and I wouldn't know.


@erelectronics I appreciate the insight. It at least gives me something more narrow to look into than, well, everything.