Grey housing turns ugly very fast. Please support replacement Parts

The grey housing on the MX Master 3 looks amazing but turns yellowisch and ugly in just a few month with sweaty hands. The housing is probably one of the cheapest parts to manufacture.

Could you please support a change of the outer housing of the mice?

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Same mouse, same problem. This basically happens with any mouse that has a bit of a rubber surface.


I'd also buy a replacement upper housing if available.


If Logitech wants me to actually take their "repair, don't rebuy" posturing seriously, this is a must. My mouse functions perfectly, but the soft-touch rubber has degraded over the years and is sticky to the touch. Please support us replacing the shell. There are some floating around on ebay now, but they're 50$ per piece and without official instructions, which does not seem reasonable to me.

This will basically decide whether I keep buying Logitech products or say goodbye to fancy smooth scrolling and go to a company that lets me keep my electronics out of the landfill.

EDIT: That said, kudos for starting this repair initiative at all. Do this right and you'll have a lot of trust and recommendations from my end.