How to remove the headphone cushions?

My left headphone has developed a short, so I ordered the replacement headphones. The headphones don't come with the foam cushions, so I just need to transfer them. The only thing is, I'm struggling with figuring out how to remove the cushion.

I have tried prying under the material, poking around under the cushion the best that I can get at it, pushing, pulling....I'm out of ideas. I looked at the replacement headphones and I don't actually see any way that they might be attached. What do?

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I'm not sure if it's the right way, but I figured it out. Looking at the replacement headphones, it looks like there's four clips, but on the inside under the foam. So, I took a plastic flat tool, felt around for what might be the clip on the old headphones, and pushed out and up. After a few attempts, the cushion came off.

Though, be careful as I suspect I damaged it a bit in the process.