Potential A10 chip failure?

I was using my 6th Generation iPad yesterday, and out of nowhere, the screen filled with green artefacts, and the device force powered off a few seconds later.

The screen then showed the Apple logo about 5 seconds later, but that quickly disappeared, and the screen backlight turned off a couple of seconds later. The device now appears to be completely dead, as it won’t respond to button presses, or recovery mode. It also isn’t detected by my PC, and the device was still stone cold after it was plugged into a 12W charger for ages, so it isn’t taking in any power.

The device was fairly hot at the time, so I thought that it might function again after cooling down, but the next day, it still won’t power on.

I have contacted Apple Support, and I’ve tried everything they’ve suggested, but they ended up saying to take it to the Apple Store.

Do you think that the A10 chip has failed? If so, there’s no chance of me reviving the device.

Thank you for any help!

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