Echo Show 8 does not respond

Alter more than 2 years, my Echo Show 8 suddenly stopped responding to Alexa vocal commands. Text commands or routines however work well. I have a red bar at bottom of screen. The microphone button on top does not react and was always off.

I opened the device and found one flat cable disconnected from the electronic plate on the cover (likely holding the microphone electronics). It took me a long time to reconnect the plug because it is very tiny. After that, the microphone button turned Red but still Alexa is not responding and button stays red even when pressed. Red bar is still there at bottom of screen. I did a factory reset after recovering light on the micro button but it did not fix the problem.

I am sad not being able to go further in the repair of my device. I would like to know if any one has experienced similar failure and how it could be fixed.

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