Replacing UV-damaged plastics, particularly the camera lens

My Ring Video Doorbell Pro is 3 years old and gets full sun exposure for several hours every day. Over time, the plastics have developed a haze, similar to a car's plastic headlight housings. The button is also worn, but that is just cosmetic. The haze is bad enough that motion detection is no longer functional. Ring does not seem to sell service kits for this model, so they will only offer a discount on a replacement unit (which I presume will suffer the same fate). I'm curious as to whether there is any treatment I can apply as a preventative, or if indeed the front clear plastic panel can be replaced.

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I have a similar issue with a 3 y/o Eufy doorbell.

The ring of material holding the lens cover in place has perished, due to sunlight presumably, and the glass disc won’t stay in place.

The company has told me it’s not repairable and I should just buy a new one. They’ve offered a “VIP discount” against a full price purchase, which sounds great until you realise their offer price is only marginally more.

I feel it’s a waste of our planet’s resources to bin it - and a waste of my money to buy a new one.

I’d like to repair it - but don’t know how.