Fuel mileage Is horrible

I’m getting really horrible gas mileage lately. I’ve

Been in a very dusty and windy area of the country. The air filters been changed so yeah I think it’s that however I’m wondering if it could be the mass airflow sensor? Should I clean that out? Any other suggestions? Tires are good, air pressure is good… Kind of at a loss

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Perhaps searching Hyundai forums may help with owners more knowledgeable. Questions like mileage, maintenance, parts replaced, filters, fuel pressure check, etc, are needed to determine why fuel mileage is affected.


Hi @iseprinses,

@notbroken can correct me but I would get the OBDII port scanned for any codes as I believe that not all codes will cause a check engine light to come on but whatever caused them can affect the performance of the vehicle.


If the engine indicator is on, there should be an error code or more stored. AutoZone provide free readings. Error codes can help. No engine indicator makes it more difficult to diagnose and troubleshoot.