Security lock for 1999 oldsmobile alero

How do I bypass security lock on an oldsmobile alero? I have done it before with the 10mins and turn on trick and it worked but now it won't work since I had battery disconnected for a day. Is there any other trick? It's my only transportation I need to get my husband to hospital for aneurysm.

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Is security flashing when trying to start? Flashing security indicates GMs factory antitheft system, Passlock, is enabled and actively disabled the fuel system to prevent theft. If security isn't flashing then there may be a starting issue; battery, battery cables, their connections, starter. If the starter runs and engine cranks but doesn't fire up then there may be a fuel or spark issue. Experienced repair shops in electronic fuel injection systems and GMs Passlock security should be able to diagnose, troubleshoot and repair your problem.

There is a way to disable Passlock but it must be in working condition before bypassing it.


The security light is solid but the car cranks and fires then turns off. I was told there is a box between the ignition and the brain that is suppose to be security relay but don't know. I can't afford to take car in and I need it to get my husband back and forth to hospital.


GM and many vehicle manufacturers have resorted to additional 'brain boxes', modules that are basically mini computers with programming. GM describes several modules; the body control module (handling factory security (Passlock), interior/exterior lighting, gauges and indicators), the transmission control module handling automatic transmission shifting, airbag module handling the airbag system and abs/tc module handling antilock braking and traction control. Each module operates independently from others while the engine computer, ECM or PCM, operates the engine.

With security ON all the time, this means Passlock is not interfering with everyday starting and driving by indicating it detected an internal fault, disabled itself, no longer provides theft protection, and turned on the security indicator to inform you that Passlock is disabled. The engine starting and dying is most likely related to either a fuel or spark issue. Troubleshooting requires more than average diy skills in vehicle repairs.