Face ID (TrueDepth) stops working after screen replacement, twice


Have been repairing iPhones for the quite a while now.

I recently repaired 2 XRs and have issues with FaceID not working where settings says there's an issue with the TrueDepth camera and Portrait mode with the front camera tells to you move further away.

Both times were very similar, first time I thought it maybe I have damaged the flex cable in the process of transferring the ear speaker flex but after this 2nd time in nearly the exact same process of how it stops working. I have some theories and suspect something else is going on and it may be done intentionally by Apple, so I want to know if anyone else here had similar experiences/

Both times, Face ID had no error message after installing new screen, the moment I seal the phone in and turn off airplane mode and the phone connects to the internet. Face ID breaks. now I'm not 100% sure its thatat this stage given I only get one chance to test this per phone. I have double checked all Face ID component connections to the logic board.

Even turning airplane mode on at this point won't fix it. My theory is that the phone is doing some checks when its connected to the internet and disables face id on purpose, what it's checking I have yet to find out.

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I had the exact same scenario. I put together the screen, test it with screen still sitting above case to make sure everything is right. I even registered my face lock and everthing was great.

I sealed the screen to case and try to unlock. Boom a message pops up saying problem with TrueDepth camera and face id seems to have gone. Tried resetting / factory reset etc. Nothing helped and thought I messed up when closing the screen/case. When I see an exact same scenario here it makes me think some software disable is what is happening here.