What is this IC?

A bad USB cable has damaged my Kindle, and it will no-longer charge off the USB port. I have traced the 5V from the USB port to pin 6 of a small 6-pin IC marked SKB. Pin 1 of the IC appears to be an output, but no voltage appears on pin 1 whether the USB cable is connected or not. I suspect that this IC is damaged, but I can't identify it. Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: Here is an image of the IC.

Not sure of the package, but it is smaller than a 6 pin SOT-23

Block Image

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I haven't identified the IC yet, but I have discovered that you can bridge it out. i.e. Connect a bodge wire between pins 1 and 6 and the kindle will charge and the USB port still works correctly. I would still like to replace the IC though, as I assume it offers some protection.


@snowmanza Does the IC connect to the battery directly or via another IC, or is there more circuitry than that?


@snowmanza A picture of the IC would also be helpful 在已经存在的问题里加入图片


@andrewsawesome It seems to connect to the battery via another IC. With the battery disconnected, it seems like there is at least a diode between the output of this IC and battery positive. i.e. I measure continuity in one direction only. The reason I discovered that there must be another charging IC, is that before I used a bodge wire, I first used a resistor. With a resistor across this IC (I started at 1k and decreased the value several times until I got down to 3.3Ohms before just resorting to a wire), the charging led would flash very briefly when connecting the charging cable. With the cable still connected, there was 0V drop across the resistor (i.e. 5V on both sides), but the Kindle would be detected if connected to a PC (this was not happening without the resistor or wire).