My front shell is busted need to find a replacement help (FOR THE 1 EDITION OF HTC VIVE)

This is what im looking for anyone know where i can buy it? WOULD APPRECIATE IT ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I know they sold it on fixit once but they dont anymore so if anyone know on ebay or something or link me where i can ask fixit if they could find 1 more. Would be awesome

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I don't see just the outer shell available anywhere, but you could do one of the following:

1. if everything is working correctly and the damage is only cosmetic, either live with it or get a cheap silicone cover.

2. Purchase a used "headset only" option (looks like they are currently in the US$150 range at the moment) and use either the new or old one for parts.

3. A replacement part could potentially be 3d printed, though I don't see this part available anywhere in a CAD model. It would require someone to model the housing accurately, and be printed with materials that don't interfere with the IR sensors. This one is a longshot, but still a possibility.


True OR you could get one that is being sold for parts and take the front cover