Automobile USB port blocked

Two of the USB ports on my 2019 Jeep Wrangler JL have plastic broken off in them. The first one on the dash has pieces of a plastic Sandisk thumb drive stuck inside the USB port. I've tried tweezers to extract the shards but tweeters would have to be paper thin to get into the port to grab the plastic shard. As long as I always use the original plastic Sandisk thumb drive it works. That is because the broken piece lodged in the dash USB port matches the remaining plastic on the thumb drive. Kind of a "key" effect. I tried to get into the dash to replace/fix the USB port but the USB port is soldered onto a circuit board that looks expensive.

I've noticed the USB port inside the center console is getting more difficult to insert a thumb drive. Ditto on my 2022 Ford F350. Dealers say warranty doesn't cover the port, they blame the thumb drive. Auto industry seems to be buying junk USB ports to save a penny.

Half-arse solution I've found on the last two problem ports listed above is to buy a 6" male/female USB extension cable, grease the male end and insert it into the vehicle USB port and then plug my Music thumb drive into the female end of the extension cord. I am clueless as to fixing the Jeep dash USB port with the plastic shard stuck in it. Yes, I quit buying USB thumb drives with plastic plugs. Any ideas appreciated.

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Got a pic of the jeep one? What the body of it looks like? Might be able to thread a needle from the back into it and push the broken piece out.


Next time I do surgery on the dash I'll try to get a picture. But they assemble those dashes outside of the vehicle (that's cheating). The USB jack is part of a module inside a hole and I couldn't pull it out more than a couple inches then the wires got tight. The wires go through a small hole into the inards of the dash where I assume they terminate on a plug (the wires are permanently attached (soldered?) to the USB jack module. I was hoping someone who's been down this rabbit hole would reply with a lightbulb moment. But thanks for taking the time to help. My $6 6" male/female USB extension cable rig on the center console USB jack things working now.

As a side note, when I plug a thumb drive (or extension cable) into these "newer" jacks, they don't slide in effortlessly as if the metal tangs inside the jack are made of rough/barbed metal. Like the low bidder is saving a lot of steps. The older USB jacks (on old computers, electronics, cars, etc.) work perfectly with the same plugs.