Any tips on removing this weird sound from my 3ds without repair?


I’m a broke teen just trying to get some help, so here I go.

A couple days ago, I found my old New 3DS XL, and it was pretty dusty. We had some new cleaning wipes, and decided to try them out. for some reason, these wipes made this weird bubbly foam, and it got inside the c-stick. I’ve tried a multitude of options, including:

  • Trying to use compressed air
  • Using rubbing alcohol
  • Using a small suction tool to take the stuff out
  • Leaving the 3ds open for multiple days
  • So yeah, to say i’ve been trying to remove this scratchy sound is an understatement. It’s been driving me nuts, and it didn’t even cause my c-stick any damage, as it works fine still. I’m just hoping to find some way that I can get rid of this stuff without taking apart the console, as it’s way beyond my current skillset, so any help would be appreciated.
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