Why are none of the lights on my exposure setting turning on?

I was gifted an instax mini 8 around 5 years ago, and me being me, I tried to make the film last as long as possible by not using it. I ended up forgetting about it for awhile and years later I’ve tried to get it up and running again. unfortunately it had stopped working. Here’s the process until this present moment:

  1. It totally didn’t turn on. I then realised my batteries had leaked. Fortunately, my dad was able to clean it out and it turned on.
  2. Now, all 4 lights on the exposure settings were blinking. I saw a comment telling me to restart the camera by removing and reinserting the batteries while the lens is out. This worked as well.
  3. But NOW, none of the lights on the exposure settings are on. the light next to the viewfinder is on though.


  • The circle at the bottom right side of the back of the camera says ‘s’ even though I’ve placed a new set of film inside.
  • The cartridge is not stuck and can be removed easily.
  • Batteries are duracell optimum 1.5V AA alkaline and new ones.
  • All lights on exposure settings are not on, but light next to the viewfinder is on.
  • My shutter does not even go off or make a sound when I press the button to take a picture.

Please suggest any possible solutions :,) I’ve only used this camera a handful of times and am not about to buy a new one.

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