Controller is not charging, and has no signs of life

Hey everyone,

A while ago I had a switch pro controller completely shut off on me, it no longer responds to the sync button, and the light that indicates charging no longer works either. I have been racking my brain trying to get this thing to work and I can’t seem to find anything that sticks. I have tried changing the batteries, changing the ribbon cables and using a different board for the buttons but nothing can get it to come back to life. The only thing I haven’t done yet is replacing the motors (the small ribbon cables for the motors ripped), but that shouldn’t be a problem if my issue is that no power goes to the board. I have yet to see if reflowing the charging chip will help, but I’m not comfortable enough with a hot air gun to do that anyway yet.

If anyone here has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey, Matt.

Unfortunately, I don't have a solution for your problem, but I've had a similar experience recently after multiple joystick replacements. Looking at one of your earlier posts elaborating on the matter, my symptoms resemble an earlier stage of yours where I can still turn on the controller by connecting it to the charge cable despite seemingly intermittent charge light flashing and the controller not recognizing the battery.

I stumbled on one of your posts after running out of clear options and googling chips. One of the first results was the aforementioned post without many leads on a source to get better info from.

As an aside, though I haven't tested it proper -and the issue may be cosmetic- I've seen a hairline crack on a small chip just left of 32LP052 and right of the mount-hole. The etching seems to say "SP7 727". Though it's definitely not a guarantee and similar symptoms can have many roots, clear visual damage is a good trail-starter.

I hope you manage to find a solution eventually.