Nikon D5300: Videos get saved to SD card but pictures dont.

Whenever I take a video it saves to my SD card with no problems. But If I take a picture, it does not save it. I have tried 2 different SD cards, have formatted my SD card, and have reset to custom settings.

Any ideas?

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Resetting the custom settings doesn’t affect if there is anything having issues with the file savings.

You said you reset custom settings, but have you tried a full factory reset of it?

What kind of cards are you trying to use? (Brand, Speed, Size, etc)

What does it do when you don't have a card in the slot?

When you formatted the card, did you do it in a computer or in the camera? (I always do mine in the camera)


I was on the phone with nikon they showed me how to do a reset. not sure if it was a full factory reset.

Cards im using:

Sandisk 4GB SDHC -doesnt show the speed

Sandisk Extreme Pro 32GB 95MB/S SDHC

When I dont have a card slot. I take the picture and try to look at it it says "no memory card"

I formatted the card in the camera.


Hi @nikonuser133

Have you checked that the camera has the latest firmware installed?

Even though the latest version update doesn't refer to your problem, if it isn't installed then upgrading "might" correct any corruption that may be there. Just a thought


It is not the latest firmware.

I will try installing it and let you know the results.


Installed the latest firmware. Still having the same issue