How do I connect the Ring Video Doorbell wired in the UK?

Hi All,

I’m on a busy street and tired of charging the battery of my Ring doorbell 3 so i am looking to get something hard-wired such as the one in subject or the Pro version. Both of which require adapting the transformer in my consumer unit.

The problem in hand is that my front doorbell is connected to a chime with a built-in step-down (8-10v) transformer. This chime get’s it feed from the consumer unit (obviously) but is connected to the same circuit breaker as my wired smoke system.

Now to install the Ring units I am to change the DIN Transformer within the consumer unit to a Ring specific one which looks to step-down the mains power to a 24V supply to keep the Ring powered. My concern is that this will inadvertently impact my smoke alarm system that is also wired into the same circuit.

The position of my Chime is by the front door and clear to see so i would like to avoid adding an ugly consumer unit in place of the current chime to accommodate the ring transformer.

Any guidance on how best to install the Ring doorbell is appreciated, my thoughts are that if i pull the smoke detector down i might find a junction box which is feeding the Chime and i can splice in there?

but welcome ideas

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