Why has the schedule stopped working on my 900 series Roomba?

I’ve Googled, searched this forum, talked to Roomba tech support, and no one can figure out why the schedule doesn’t work.

I’ve had this 900 series Roomba since 12/2019. The schedule worked fine for years. Suddenly it stopped working completely.

I’ve tried many many things to fix it, not in this order:

  • Removed and replaced the battery.
  • Removed all replaceable parts, cleaned the unit, and replaced the parts with new ones.
  • Reset the unit.
  • Reconnected the unit to my wi-fi through the phone app.
  • Cleaned all sensors on the Roomba and on the charging unit.
  • Changed the schedule.

What can I do other than replace the battery? I don’t think that’s the problem. The unit keeps a charge and runs fine when I simply press the Clean button. I don’t want to invest in a new battery if that’s not the problem.

Update (05/17/2021)

An iRobot technician contacted me. She had me hold down all three buttons in the middle of the unit. That cleared everything — the wifi, schedule, map, etc. (The previous reps only told me to press the two buttons on either side of the Clean button.)

So the Roomba came on as scheduled today. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Update (05/22/2021)

The Roomba ran on schedule only once so iRobot is going to fix it.

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Thank you for sharing your progress and updating! Hopefully this helps someone out with their Roomba in the future!

Good luck with your Roomba!