Pioneer AVH-P6300BT needs a touch panel replacement

Are there any guides on how to replace a touch panel for my dad’s old pioneer AVH-P6300BT? i got quoted $1000 to replace the touch panel when my dad had to slam on the brakes and my dog slammed into the screen. the tilt mechanism is damaged but i dont care about that, it wont accept touch input which i do care about, but everything else works, like the LCD shows an image clearly, aux works, im sure bluetooth works, and we had no issues with it other than the touch panel being cracked and not working. would there be any underlying issues that cause more damage than a broken touch panel? btw, it is a resistive touchscreen, and the clear plastic in front is fine, the plexiglass (i assume) is shattered behind the clear plastic, and there are no damaged pixels or anything.

(i picked the jvc unit as my device because ifixit doesnt appear to have a “my device isn’t listed” option)

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