How to reset the BIOS password?

(I actually have a 320-17AST, I guess it’s almost the same)

Hi there!

Sometimes back in 2019 I had a problem with my laptop that I needed to fix so I sent it back since I had warranty on it still.

They took it, repaired it and sent it back 3 weeks later. When I took it home and powered it up it asked for a BIOS password. I was confused since it never did it before so I needed to take it back so they can figure it out.

The guy did something with a USB drive and it was working again.

Now here’s my problem. I need to reinstall this laptop since it’s been really sluggish and non-responsive and it’s just filled with junk. I was already installing the Windows ISO to my USB drive when I remembered I needed the BIOS password which I don’t know what is. Is there anything I could do (possibbly without opening up the laptop which I think is a low probability) to reset or entirely get rid of it?

Thanks in advance!

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