Will not power on and temporarily cause other N64s to not work...

This is a super weird one…

I have a N64 that will not power on. After attempting to turn it on we plugged a different N64 into the same power adapter and had the same issue. Assuming it was the power adapter we switch it out only to find that the 3 consoles we had would not turn on. After trial and error we discovered that if we attempt to turn on the original “bad" system then plug a different “good" system into the previously used power supply it will disable the “good system” Even if we switch the power supply the “good" system will not turn on and will not work again until we drain the charge.

Once we removed the “bad system" the other 2 systems worked fine as well as the 3 different power supplies.

TLDR; A bad N64 would temporarly damage the power supply (The power supply will not work with any system) if that damaged power supply is plugged into a working N64 it would temporarily damage the N64 (The N64 will not work with any power supply) These would all correct themselves over time. All power supplies worked and all N64s (minus the original “bad” one) work without issue

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