Replacing the NFC antenna on the Apple Watch.


I recently got an Apple Watch Series 3 (38mm, GPS) from a friend of mine. He gave it due to him rupturing the NFC antenna that sits on top of the back-side of the LCD assembly.

His display was shattered so he tried replacing the display with a new one. As we know, the display holds the NFC-module which is hardware-locked to the logic-board. Thus he tried to remove it from the old display. With success. I have that chip right here and it looks super clean. But the new display… he tried removing the chip from the new display also, and in this process he pulled the solder-joint from the antenna-assembly etcetera.

Thus I am going to purchase a new NFC antenna @ iFixit, remove the module from that specific antenna-assembly, place the original one on, and replace the NFC antenna on the new display, with the newly assembled one.

Since iFixit sells them, I am sure people have tried doing this same thing before. But I need some guidance since I don’t know where to start.

**Does anyone have any experience with replacing the NFC antenna on an iWatch?**



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