Intermittent horizontal lines on Philips 55PUS6262/05

Hi all, I’m new here so please be gentle ?

I’ve recently purchased a second hand tv with a fault. As mentioned in the title it displays an intermittent fault where the screen will show horizontal lines for two seconds and then back to normal for two seconds (photos attached hopefully). I have already taken the cover off and cleaned all ribbons connected to the main board and the t-con board but the same fault is still there. Is this likely to be a faulty t-con board or is there something more sinister at play?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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That it's intermittent almost always is a connector (which you cleaned) or a solder joint (typically on a large multipin IC). If you have access to the board with wide ribbons to the display, try lightly pushing down on any / all large ICs and see if any affect. That you find one, get out a BIG magnifying glass and look around the solder pads / IC pins. You can try pushing on each IC side to help find the bad pin. That you find one, get someone who knows how to solder that kind of small circuitry.


Thank you Kevin for your response. To clarify, are we talking about ic’s on the t-con or the main bird too?


Whichever feeds the big ribbons to the display is controlling the rows & columns.


Thank you! Will update with progress ?