Splashed water on the keyboard, some keys stopped working, fixes?

I used the laptop for a few minutes afterward before realizing I should disconnect. The dead keys seem to be in a vertical pattern down the keyboard (7+8, y+u, g+h, b+n, etc).

this happened a few hours ago and I’ve since bought some 91% isopropyl alcohol to soak it in since I heard that that is a strategy (I haven't been able to find 99%), but am having second thoughts about the risks+safety of that, especially since I don’t know whether the undetachable battery is a concern.

I've removed the keys and their spring mechanisms and was about to start scrubbing around with the alcohol+tips but am now busy with other things and have left it detached and upside down, but idk how time sensitive these things are, is there anything else I should try? thanks.

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