Replacement Batteries for Canon Powershot SD450 (Battery pn: NB-4L)

Hi Folks,

I have a Canon Elph SD450 that’s been my goto travel point-and-shoot for 15 years. The batteries (pn: NB-4L) gave up the ghost about five years ago so I bought replacements online. The replacements worked great for a couple of years and now last about five minutes or four pics… whichever comes first :). I spoke with Canon and they don’t recommend any third party batteries, essentially telling me my camera is obsolete and destined for landfill >:( 

Because I love this camera, and also don’t want to add to the e-waste stream I’m searching high and low for a recommended replacement battery. There are tons of them for sale, but I’ve yet to find a review that I trust as accurate or real.

Has anyone found a reliable replacement for the NB-4L?


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