Why is my camera and flash not working. Has happened with two phones.

First of all, i have had this problem over two phones and it is really frustrating.

The problem is that both cameras will not work and stay black or just open the app itself. The flash is also ruined and cannot be turned on. Evertime i try to use the flash a message saying that it is in use by another app come up. I had this problem on my samsung galaxy s7 and now on my new samsung galaxy s20 FE. This is a very concerning problem to me and i would appreciate any help.

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I know you mentioned this was an issue on your S7. Did you upgrade from the S7 to the S20 and transfer your data?


@hootonberg Yes I got the S20 but I didn't transfer the data. I just downloaded my apps and manually signed in to each.


@jacob urbina I would check your apps permissions just to make sure none of them are spying on you. If you have TikTok I would start with that.


@hootonberg What permissions should I be looking for?


@jacob urbina camera and flash I would imagine.