Roomba 960 with recurring Error 6 message

We have just purchased a Roomba 960 Irobot to do the vacuum cleaning in our house. From the moment we started using it, it started giving Error 6 messages saying that the deveice should be relocated. Even after relocation the Error message persists. And we can’t get the cleaning done. I have:

  • cleaned the cliff sensors with a clothe, but the device has not been used many times.
  • I have rebooted it, deleted and reloaded the Irobot App on my IPhone, No changes. We live in an old house, with red tiles, but I wouldn’t characterize them as a dark floor. On occasion it has cleaned a few rooms without Error 6, but
  • I put it back on its base and restarted it, but it just went around and back and forth.

I have read that a wall guard unit would help, but I think this is an investment I am not sure will pay off.

Would be grateful for help here, as this has been a big investment.

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