Half way into repair it started beeping again

So I unplugged everything and took battery out. Powered back up and it started beeping so I powered back down. Did the FN key and powered back up. Half way into repair it started beeping again. I pulled the battery out and it stopped. Now what?

Update (10/31/2020)

Ok let me try again. So I powered down and removed battery and power cables. When I restarted the beeping immediately started again. So I powered down again. Took battery out and disconnected power. I pressed the FN key like you suggested. Powered back up. It said repairing. But when it went to final boot up it started beeping. I unplugged, still beeping so plugged back in. I pulled the battery out and the beeping has stopped. I ordered this battery new from Amazon thinking that my old one was bad. Now I’m not sure what to do. Order another or bring my laptop to a repair shop. “Dana”

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@Dana Carte

Hi Dana, I not clear here. Did you try the <FN> key with the battery removed and the power adapter connected?


Hi @decarte69

Just verifying that is is continuous beeps and not a repeating pattern of beeps e.g. 4 beeps > pause > 4 beeps > pause etc


Well I’m not sure. I’d have to really pay attention to the pattern. I’ll try again later today