TV not displaying picture

hi. i’ve bought damaged tv philips 50PUS6262, upon checking inside the fuse was blown, i put another one in and it immediately blown aswell so i ordered new power supply board. i changed it and now the tv turns on but no logo only backlight is glowing. inside there are 2 green lights on the motherboard. and i can’t turn off tv with remote,it just doesnt respond. i also tried connecting all 3 hdmi ports to a laptop and pc picture whatsoever. what could it be?

Update (06/21/2020)


i tested tcon board. It gets 12v, bur gets 0v signals from motherboard. Components on mobo gets hot. Mogo also gets 12v in but one transistor has vout 0v

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could you solve the problem? I think I have the same one. The TV goes on but there is no picture visible. The backlight in on, you can see how the tv gets brighter.