Car just wont start and im not sure what else to check on it.

I bought a 2009 Ford Focus recently from my boss, 1000 dollars and he said it had no issues. Well it has issues but i just cant figure them out. I first got it. It started right up no issues which is good considering we were in the middle of winter and it should have been super rusted. Cause he nevet started it. Well after about a week it was taking me a few tries to get it to start, i messaged him and he said its done that and he thinks it just sticks and he never had an issue starting it. Well after a few more days it was getting even harder to start, it never made any sounds, no clicks, everything would come on, lights locks windows headlights. I could hear the fuel pump turning on but thats it. Well fast forward about a month, and this car i bought no longer starts at all. Had a friend over and she said to get a new starter and well start there, well i got a new starter, put it in, and nothing. Car didnt do anything new. Just nothing. No turning, no trying, just lights. So, i made sure the starter is getting power. It was. But that starter still wasnt trying to turn on. So i thought maybe i did this wrong, maybe its a loose wire. Nothing. I changed fuses. I tried to jump it, i hot the new starter tested to make sure it was good. It was. I just am a loss here cause i dont really know that much about cars. And i reallh need this bad in working order. I tried the ignition but it just got replaced before i bought the car. Help.

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