Power on but no boot and black display!

Hello, so this is about the Asus gl502vmk actually

Here's what happened, yesterday my son while gaming he snapped -erased half of humanity- and smashed the laptop close and hit it!

Now when I try to turn it on, here what happens:

-the power button lights up solid, and the power LED light's up solid as it should.

1)THE BATTERY LED keeps blinking green only (NOT orange/green, but flashing green light only)

2)and the HDD LED has no light at all!

3)The display does not turn on at all !

4)the keyboard does not light up

I tried to reset cmos as per google to no avail.

So Here's what I did, I took it apart :

1-tried to take out the RAM --> no difference

2-took the battery off and tried to power it on using only the AC Adapter --> same result battery LED keeps flashing GREEN. No results.

3-tried the HDD on another PC and it worked just fine.

4-disconnected the display and tried to power up the laptop with and without and external display ---> still nothing.

5-lastly, carefully I took out the cleaned and reapplied thermal paste to the cpu and gpu and made sure everything is tightly in place ---> still no difference.

So, any idea ??

Kind regards

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