N64 freezing multiple systems

I have 2 N64s that freeze.

Let me elaborate.

I have multiple N64 systems that work beautifully, however I recently acquired 2 that do not.

I have stripped them down to the boards, deep cleaned them and got them all clean and sexy again.

They turn on with no problem (for the most part, 1 or 2 of my game won't load and stay at black screen). It will play the N64 video and the game publisher video (THQ, etc) but when the actual game starts or the game intro, boom freeze everytime.

Now this happens in the same spot, both systems every game. The games work perfectly on every other system and all systems are using functional jump paks (I even switch them around to make sire this wasn’t the issue).

This kinda had me a bit stumped as N64 doesn't normally require anything substantial.

These 2 systems I am having issues with have also never been tampered with, never taken apart.

Any ideas?

I did see a video on YouTube from a guy having what appeared to be the same issue but his video ended abruptly with no info to help.

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