Why mouse right click is not working?

I have a razer pro mosue from 2011. It had right click problem in the past but when I used it tonight there was no problem with right clicking for about 15 minutes until I did something with the software from razer website which was razer pro click software and I replaced left handed version of the mouse with right handed and since then right click is not working.

I did uninstall the drivers and restart and did something that some guides told me like updating windows and other things and I tried the mouse on 2 other laptops one of which was mac and could not install the razer driver so therefore no right click again and I tried another windows laptop and razer installed driver but right click not working. So is it a software problem or hardware? and tell me what to do for each. Thanks.

windows 10 pro 1909 on updated and 1903 on other laptop and mac catalina

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it’s fixed, problem was the dust on board and long time dirtiness.


Thank you for bothing to come back with the answer!