What part number is the back-light connector to the logic board?

Hello once again iFixit community! First off, I’d like to say thank you. Due to this online resource, I’d like to say I have successfully fixed well over 200 devices without any formal training because of you! Considering throughout that time, this is only my second time posting because I haven’t found exactly the information needed to my specific case; is rather quite impressive. That being said, here’s my current problem:

Recently, I had a customer who had a balance of 50 dollars, and asked if I would take this iMac for payment. He assured me that the only problem was he wanted to upgrade the HDD to an SSD and felt confident after watching a couple videos to carry out the upgrade himself. But after removing the screen and yanking the back-light port from the logic board, he realized he was in over his head and stopped. Upon looking it over, everything does seem to be in order.

Anyways, upon trying to get a new connector to solder on, I’ve been having trouble trying to locate one. Even reaching out to my local competition to have him argue with me that the 30 pin eDP was all he had and was all I needed. (no wonder people come to me lol). Anyways, I’ve purchased the technician guide hoping for a part number, but did not find one in it. I’ve attached pictures from said guide, and one of the Mac I have. If you could point me in the right direction, that’d be great!

Also, on an semi-related note, I’ve been eager to test components on the Mac, but been reluctant due to my lack in knowledge about Apple’s benchmark’s to past P.O.S.T.. (the lack of 4K knowledge is also in there too) Would I be able to run the Mac without that back-light connected? Or am I doomed to spend my quarantined hours with this Mac pondering my curiosity with any other mysteries that I need to solve? Thank you for your time

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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@sassysissy - First, Thank You!

As one of the few resources for repair related information from everything tech and then some, its nice to hear someone has fixed over 200 devices using our guides and answers from every question possible! Most of the information you found here in this blog is volunteer driven.

Can you post the images as well as what you used for reference so we can see what you are facing. 在已经存在的问题里加入图片


Ahhh even a guide on how to fix posts! Thanks Dan


@sassysissy - OK, got a better idea, still need a bit more...

Take the picture again at a higher resolution as its to grainy to see things. It does look like some staining did this system get wet? The left most resister appears damaged as well.

You might find adding light will help as both surfaces are dark.


@danj Sorry, I was out of town. I uploaded a better image.