Hello, LCD sometimes works perfectly and often become blu no reason

Hi, I got this old iPad Air LTE. The display is not working properly. If I do test with diagnostic app, it seem all ok, but sometimes stop. I see all the color and now pixel error.

Pixel error come sometime when I start the Ipad, I see veryveryvery small black and white dots moving. This when works. But now, I start the device, it works for 10 second or 10 minute and become blu with no reason ( if I got Spotify open it still sound). After this I have to wait, to turn off for half hour and restart. But sometimes it restart again blu. And I don’t see anything. Excuse me for my English, hoping someone can help.

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If you want I can upload a video on YouTube about the problem


Second video that shows better problematics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPj7TZXh...