Dell Inspiron 1420 14.1" laptop, released in June 2008. Identified as the 1420 on the bezel above the keyboard, available in 8 different colors.

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Hard drive is not being detected? Mother board problem!

I have my PC for 4 years now. One fine morning, the windows start up logo appeared for more than it should be and finally it gave a blue screen error. It repeated everytime from then onwards. I then decided to reset it to factory settings and then i opened my pc in repair mode. (Alt +f8). Then i realised that the computer is not detecting my Hard drive.

So i ran diognosis test and found an error that "Hard drive error". I bought a new hard disk and tried to install windows. I got the same error and i realised that. Its the mother board problem.

So is there a way where this can be fixed?

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What operating system are you installing? if you are installing Windows XP with SP2 or older, please make sure to enter your BIOS (f10 on Dells i beleive) and set the SATA mode to "compatible" or "IDE" mode. AHCI or RAID modes will not work correclty with Windows XP SP2 or older when reinstalling from OEM discs unless the drivers are properly loaded.

If it's Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista and Windows 7, then you may have a fauly motherboard.

Do you get the same "Hard Drive Error" when doing the tests with the new hard drive?


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I am trying to install windows vista. And yes even with the new hard drive installed the diognosis test is failing to recognise the hard drive. I guess the mother board is gone.


i got the same problem....problem is with the motherboard. not the hard drive...if you check it thoroughly it will also not detect your dvd rom....some problem with the drives controller in the motherboard. motherboard cost around rs8000(indian rupee). Still trying to find solution. will post if i have any luck with fixing the motherboard. peace out.


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