Tablet does not boot when powered

When I power on my tablet, the first window that appears is RCA powered by android. The next window is Viking Pro which remains on my tablet without booting further. Please how can I fix this problem

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my tablet wont turn on at all! it charges and whatnot, but the screen just stays black! i've watched tons of videos. but it still stays black. plz help. :(


It seems that it is in a bootloop. Unless you can get it to the android recovery screen you are pretty much doomed. The only thing you could check is you battery if it is underperforming.


ive checked the battery. it still works. and its attached to the motherboard. but i just wont turn on. but i have a feeling its a display problem. i just cant figure out how to fix that tho.


ive tried everything to turn it on. and it DOES turn on. but the screen stays im pretty sure its a problem with the display. if anyone knows how to fix it, plz let me know.


I have one of my own but gave up on it since they are cheap and have multiple points of failure but I can give some tips. First, don't get confused, LCD is the part that omits the colors while digitizer/screen is the glass/plastic piece that tells your device where you touch. if when you turn it on you see any signs of life on you LCD (a black/blue tint since they are not OLED LCD's) then you LCD is probably fine unless you see white lines or a liquid-like pattern on the LCD. now the there is a quick way to see if the motherboard is generally working. feeling comfortable, take the back off (many tutorials of this online) then unplug everything you can (your wifi antenna is probably soldered so you can keep it and your digitizer and LCD connectors can be left in if you know they are properly connected. Now wait a few minutes or press the reset button a few times to make sure the motherboard is dead ( no buildup).