Replaced digitizer chip is non-responsive. Does it require pairing?

I recently replaced the screen on my Surface book 1703. In doing so, I somehow managed to damage some of the pins on the horizontal connection on the digitizer chip that’s mounted on the back side of the screen. My Surface Book’s original digitizer chip still works (with the exception of a few dead zones in the screen) due to broken pins on the horizontal flex cable connection.

There are many replacement options sold on eBay that are OEM. I’ve tried 4 different ones now (can’t actually confirm any of them are truly working) and none have worked at all, while if I connect my old one it still works fine. Is there some kind of pairing that the motherboard has to the digitizer chip on these? I was hoping a factory reset on the device would help but it didn’t seem to do anything. I haven’t attempted anything at the firmware level yet.

As far as I can tell the eBay sellers don’t seem to think there’s any further process required but I’m curious. If nothing else I’ll have to replace the connector on the chip.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide!

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