My fully charged Powerbeats3 keep randomly turn off no battery issue

My Powerbeats3 I bought at Apple are special addition dark green. For some reason they randomly turn off like they are dead but I have full battery or close to. All day long now they randomly turn off sometimes every 30 seconds. So frustrating and no ides what to do. They turn back one NO RED light. Sometimes it flashing the normal white light but when I try again after 10 secs they turn on like normal.

is it possible someone in apartments around me is connecting to turn off? Or would I know because it’s not connected it’s off? I have not seen anyone with this issue. Because my battery is fine it last all day and I’ve had it checked. Please someone help me, not sure what to do since I can’t buy this color again.

I may have to rebuild the guts and keep the houseing and neck wire.

this is so frustrating because it’s fine it just shuts off constantly but then sometimes I could go a full day no issues totally random.

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