Touch screen chip on Nuu A1 - faking input - all/most chips the same?

What is the touch screen digitizer controller chip used in the Nuu A1 phone? I have one that is used as the Insulet Omnipod Dash insulin pump controller that I’d like to automate (for use with the Loop project). The “easiest” way would seem to be replicating the signals the controller chip sends to the processor with a microcontroller.

(The device itself is locked so I don’t know how to get something on it to root it and inject events that way. An alternative would be replicating the touches electrically, but I need to replicate about 20-30 spots.)

What is the controller chip used? I found this replacement digitizer - sadly the picture isn’t high-res enough to see the numbers on the chip. I’d want to wire it to be able to use the original touch screen as well - I don’t know if I could just connect my “fake chip” in parallel or not. I’m not sure I could reliably solder on wires to the connector though - I’m guessing a ZIF.

Another idea would be faking the input *to* the chip from the touch screen itself - most of the pictures I find show only 4 wires coming from the digitizer surface. But I’m guessing that would be much more difficult - I’m guessing the controller uses 2 wires to cycle through all the columns and the other 2 for the rows, checking the resistances for each, all around 1000 times a second. For a 640x480 resolution touchscreen, that would be - what - a third microsecond per line? (1s ~ 1/3*(1/(10^6)*(640*1000), with both X and Y scanned in parallel.)

A third (fourth?) idea is to use a “touch screen simulator panel” - but I don’t know if that exists.

Thanks, Jim

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